NCSO™ Resource Materials

Designed to develop and/or enhance health and safety training and auditing skills, the NLCSA’s National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO™) program will assist individuals in becoming more marketable in the construction industry. The NCSO™ program is a health and safety designation program specifically for individuals working in the construction industry, and has a primary goal to expose the participant to the fundamentals of construction safety management and build upon personal field experience.

Persons who achieve the NCSO™ designation will have demonstrated a combination of formal training and a minimum of 3 years of field experience in the construction industry. In achieving the NCSO™ designation, individuals can provide valuable support to employers in the implementation and maintenance of a company’s comprehensive health and safety program and can play a key leadership role in effective health and safety management.

For more information, please contact our Member Services Coordinator at (709) 739-7000 or 1-888-681-SAFE (7233) or

NCSO™ Forms & Information

NCSO™ Application Form
Training Request Form
COR® Training Application Form
NCSO™ Program Pricing Document
NCSO™ Renewal Application Form
NCSO™ Equivalency Application
NCSO™ Information Guide
NCSO™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Associate Membership Application Form
COR® Virtual Training Application Form

Practical Requirements – Resources

Certificate of Recognition® (COR®) Audit Instrument
Internal Audit – Action Plan Form
Sample Incident Investigation Form
Conducting a Hazard Assessment
Toolbox Meeting Form
Workplace Inspection Form – Sample 1
Workplace Inspection Form – Sample 2