About the NLCSA

The NLCSA is an industry-driven, not-for-profit corporation committed to providing cost-effective, affordable, and accessible safety training and advisory services to the construction industry in the province.

First announced in November 1996, the creation of the NLCSA was a major initiative of the federally-sponsored Industrial Adjustment Service (IAS) Committee and its predecessor, the Construction Industry Forum (CIF). Specifically, the IAS program was a Canada-wide process used in both the public and private sectors to assist communities, industry sectors, and private companies in facing challenges brought about by technological changes, staffing reductions, lack of profitability, and other economic and human resource circumstances. Through these forums, each of the major industry, labour, and professional groups within the construction sector came together to discuss ways to address such problems that plague the industry.

The structure and programs of the NLCSA are modeled closely to that of the Construction Safety Nova Scotia (CSNS) which initially came into being in 1994. Nova Scotia’s programs were closely modeled after those of Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)Construction Safety Associations operate in most provincial jurisdictions in Canada and offer a wide array of safety training and related services. This can be attributed to the growing concern in the construction industry over the need for worker safety training programs that reduce the financial burden companies face from industrial site and other work-related accidents and employee downtime.

The NLCSA has been charged with the task of assisting our members with lowering the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and accidents and, ultimately, improving the competitive advantage of the industry through effective loss control measures and a heightened awareness of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issues.

NLCSA is a resource for our members. We provide safety guidance, training, tools, materials, programs, and information. There is “no harm done” in reaching out to our team of competent safety specialists. We have a unique understanding of the Newfoundland and Labrador construction industry and the latest regulations and best practices. We are always available to help.

Our key offering is the Certificate of Recognition® (COR®) program, which is specifically designed to help companies institute an effective health and safety management program. In addition, the program emphasizes current safety training, legislative, and due diligence obligations that both employers and workers have under the OH&S Act and Regulations.


To provide pro-active safety and safety-related programs and services to the construction industry in the province that result in a sound foundation for a healthy and profitable industry.


To be the industry leaders in the creation and maintenance of a positive cultural shift within the construction industry that assists members in achieving reductions in human, social, and economic loss as a result of work-related accidents, injuries, and death.


The NLCSA is to be recognized as the leading provider of Occupational Health and Safety services in the prevention of workplace accidents/illness and the safe and timely return to work of injured workers.


  • Save lives and reduce workplace injuries

  • Reduce all costs associated with workplace accidents

  • Increase compliance with Occupational Health and Safety and Early and Safe Return-to-Work legislation in the construction industry

  • Assist members to manage and establish ownership of effective loss control programs

  • Create respectful workplaces

  • Assist members in developing and implementing Early and Safe Return-to-Work and Disability Management Programs

  • Assist members in meeting PRIME requirements

  • Increase awareness of the environmental impacts and requirements of construction activities