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Certificate of Recognition™ Program - Process

Firms receive accreditation upon completion of COR™ training, development, and implementation of a company-wide safety program, and internal and external safety reviews.

The Four Steps to Certification

Step 1 Membership and Registration
Step 2 Training Requirements
Step 3 Safety Program Implementation and Reviews*
Step 4 Certificate of Recognition™*

*Letter of Good Standing Issued

Step 1: Membership and Registration

NLCSA membership is automatic for companies that have an active Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (WorkplaceNL) Newfoundland Industrial Classification (NIC) Code associated with the construction industry. Companies that have a WorkplaceNL NIC Code other than the construction industry are eligible for Associate Membership status. Additional information on associate membership and related services are available here. Companies must be a Member or Associate Member of NLCSA in order to participate in the Certificate of Recognition™ program.

To determine membership status, or to register for courses, contact the NLCSA at (709) 739-7000 or toll free at 1-888-681-SAFE (7233).

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Step 2: Training Requirements

COR™ training is a five-day, in-class program covering topics such as safety orientations; hazard assessments; workplace inspections and investigations; early-and-safe-return-to-work; harassment and loss control. By the end of the week, participants will not only have an understanding of OH&S legislation and the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers – they will also have knowledge and tools necessary to develop, implement and monitor a health and safety program for their company.

Participants who complete the full 5 days of training will also receive the following:

Additional compliance training may be required dependent upon the scope of the company’s work.

COR™ Training Skills Are Good To Have

While only one person from each business needs to receive COR™ safety training for accreditation purposes, firms may consider providing these skills to other key people on staff (ie., Managers, Supervisors, Foreman, Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Personnel, etc.). Providing relevant training to the appropriate people is a key part of developing and implementing a safe work environment.

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Step 3: Safety Program Implementation and Review

By Step 3, your company will be working toward the completion of a safety manual and the implementation of the required management systems, including a comprehensive hazard assessment.

When satisfied with the level and quality of the safety manual and program implementation, firms can measure results by conducting an Internal Audit (also referred to as an Internal Safety Review) which is reviewed and verified by an NLCSA representative. Review requirements and instructions on how to use the NLCSA COR™ Audit Instrument are outlined in detail in the Principles of Loss Control Audit portion of the COR™ training courses.

After successfully completing the Internal Audit, firms are then considered Audit Pending’. A date for an External Safety Review, to be conducted on-site by an NLCSA representative, will then be arranged.

At this point a Letter of Good Standing indicating "Audit Pending" is awarded to the company, valid for a period of 60 days, to allow for the scheduling and completion of the external audit.

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Step 4: Certificate of Recognition™

Upon successful completion of the External Audit, COR™ certification will be issued by the NLCSA. The time frame associated with the COR™ process varies from company to company. Many companies achieve their Certificate of Recognition™ within 4 to 6 months of starting the process, and almost all companies achieve COR™ certification within 12 months from the completion of the 5-day COR™ training.

A Letter of Good Standing indicating the company's status will be issued and will be valid for a period of time. The Letter of Good Standing is the bid document currently called for by purchasers of construction services requiring certification.

The letter has two designations:

  1. Audit Pending
  2. Certificate of Recognition™

To maintain certification and a current Letter of Good Standing, companies must successfully complete annual internal reviews of their health and safety program and an external review by the NLCSA every three years.

Click here to view a sample COR™ Certificate.
Click here to view a sample Letter of Good Standing
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Additional Training Requirements

Companies must ensure that all personnel have completed the training required to meet obligations under the OH&S Act and Regulations. Depending on the type of environment or the work involved, training may include, but not be limited to, the following courses: