COR® Audit Instrument

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Audit Instrument
Certificate of Recognition® (COR®) Audit Instrument V1.6 – Fillable

We have also broken the audit down into its key elements, to allow members to identify and print only the information that they require.  Please ensure that the “Audit Instructions and Guidelines” are always referred to when completing the audit.  When returning the instrument to the NLCSA, it is not necessary to return the Audit Instructions and Guidelines, or the Interview Questionnaires.

2020 COR® Audit Instructions v1.6
WHS Representative/WHS Designate Interview Questions v1.4
OHS Committee Interview Questions v1.4
Employees Interview Questions v1.4
Management – Supervisors Interview Questions v1.4
Active & Inactive Worksite Forms v1.4 (Fillable)
Audit Site Information Sheet v1.4 (Fillable)
Audit Action Plan v1.4 (Fillable)
2020 COR® Audit Instrument v1.6 – Instrument Only (Fillable)
COR® Audit Frequently Requested Documentation & Interviews Required

2020 COR® Audit Information Video Series

In February 2020, the NLCSA launched a NEW COR® Audit Instrument at our first ever, Internal Auditors’ Workshop.  One of the workshop sessions provided an overview of the new audit instrument, the change in the layout, and several new COR® requirements.  The session has been re-recorded in 3 parts and includes answers to those questions that arose at the time of the workshop.