Designed to develop and/or enhance health and safety training and auditing skills, the NLCSA’s National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO™) program will assist individuals in becoming more marketable in the construction industry. The NCSO™ program is a health and safety designation program specifically for individuals working in the construction industry. The program’s primary goal is to expose the participant to the fundamentals of construction safety management and build upon personal field experience. Persons who achieve the NCSO™ designation will have demonstrated a combination of formal training and a minimum of 3 years of field experience in the construction industry. In achieving the NCSO™ designation, individuals can provide valuable support to employers in the implementation and maintenance of a company’s comprehensive health and safety program. Successful participants can play a key leadership role in effective health and safety management. Individuals who achieved the designation should be able to:

  • Assist management to implement, maintain, and monitor a company’s health and safety system;
  • Review and identify various health and safety issues specific to the work site and company operations;
  • Communicate effectively with Government, Occupational Health and Safety Officers, management, and workers regarding all aspects of health and safety; and,
  • Work closely with all parties in the workplace to ensure workers have the information, skills, and tools required to do their job safely.