he NLCSA is pleased to offer our flagship Certificate of Recognition® (COR®) training program in a new virtual format! Participants will register to be a part of a monthly training group and will complete 3 virtual, instructor-led modules, along with the NLCSA’s online Harassment training, over the course of a month.

Sample Monthly Group Schedule:

Week 1: Monday – Module 1

Topics include the COR® process; the benefits and rewards of COR®; NL Occupational Health & Safety Legislation; the “Internal Responsibility System”; and Occupational Health and Safety Programs.

Week 2: Tuesday & Wednesday – Module 2

Topics include leadership & administration; OHS committees; education and training; hazard recognition, evaluation & control; inspections and maintenance; investigations; emergency preparedness; disability management; and environmental considerations.

Week 3:  Thursday – Module 3

Participants learn how to use the COR® audit instrument to gain a clear picture of the strengths and limitations of their company’s safety policies and programs.

The NLCSA’s online Harassment training must be completed independently, at some point throughout the month.

For course dates, or to register, please visit our training schedule!

The Details:

  • Participants who complete the COR® training will also receive OHS Committee and Supervisor Health and Safety Certification.
  • The modules must be completed in the order scheduled.
  • Participants are expected to complete all modules, as scheduled.  Should a participant be unable to complete all modules within that timeframe, due to an unforeseen circumstance, they may be registered to complete the remaining modules in the next available course.  Should a participant be unable to complete all training within a 90 day period, they will be required to start the training program from the beginning.

Please note: As this program is delivered virtually, all participants must have access to a webcam, speakers, microphone and reliable internet connection. This training is primarily designed to be delivered using a laptop or desktop and webcam.   Mobile devices, such as tablets or smart phones are not ideal for participating in the training and currently Android devices cannot be used to participate in the training.