The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that where there are 10 or more workers at a workplace, an OHS Committee must be established.  This is also a fundamental requirement of PRIME  – WorkplaceNL’s employer incentive program.

From time to time, the workforce may drop below the threshold (10) where a Committee is required and as such, meetings are no longer required.  Similarly, if an OHS Committee was established on a specific site or project, and the project is completed, then the Committee would no longer meet.

Unless you notify WorkplaceNL of your change in status (completion of project, decrease in workforce, seasonal shutdown), they will have no way of knowing that your OHS Committee is no longer required to meet.  In such cases, when minutes are not submitted, your Committee would be considered “delinquent” and you may receive a visit from an OHS Officer and/or risk forfeiting your PRIME refunds.  To avoid this unnecessary situation, you must notify WorkplaceNL of your change in status.  To do so, simply contact one of the Committee Coordinators as follows:

Corina Goodyear – 709.778.1547 or

Charmaine Bungay – 709.778.1347 or

If you have any questions, you can also contact the NLCSA at any time at 709.739.7000, 1.888.681.SAFE (7233) or