Lyme disease is a bacterial inflammatory infection that can be spread to people bitten by an infected blacklegged tick (also known as deer tick).  The disease can be quite serious and hard to diagnose, with symptoms ranging from simple flu-like conditions to neurological illnesses that can affect all parts of the body and even lead, in advanced stages, to paralysis.  Although Lyme disease is not yet common in this province, its prevalence is rising in some areas, including Atlantic Canada and each year some blacklegged/deer ticks infected with Lyme disease are found in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Source: Forestry and Agrifoods Agency

Blacklegged/deer ticks prefer to live in tall grass, brush, and forested areas. If working in these areas, its worth reviewing the Lyme Disease and Blacklegged/Deer Ticks Toolbox Talk for tips to protect yourself from tick and insect bites, plus the safe method of removing ticks in the event that you are bitten by them.