OH&S Committees and Site Safety Committees are two different things, and the distinction comes down to the ‘worksite’. It’s important to know the difference between the two committees and to ensure that their respective minutes are used correctly.  But first, let’s define the ‘worksite’.

‘worksite’ is defined by WorkplaceNL as:

“…a site where at least one person is engaged in work.  This includes new construction or industrial projects that are intended to continue for 30 days or more”.


A Site Safety Committee is usually made up of employees of various companies who all work on one worksite.  These committees, and their subsequent meetings, can be very beneficial in making certain that various safety information throughout the site is communicated effectively, ensuring that everybody understands the ‘Big Picture’.  Although we would not discourage companies from attending these meetings, according to Occupational Health and Safety Division, Service NL, minutes for these Site Safety Committee meetings should not be submitted to WorkplaceNL as they DO NOT satisfy the legislative requirements for each company’s OH&S Committee(s).

To learn more about OH&S Committees verses Site Safety Committees and to access specific links to the OH&S Committee sections of the Occupational Heath and Safety Act and Regulations click here.