May 1st to 7th is NAOSH Week 2016  and there’s still time to organize some activities that can help reinforce this year’s NAOSH Week theme, ‘Make Safety a Habit’.

A treasure-hunt-style word scramble for everyone in your workplace can be a simple, fun and effective way to refresh everyone’s knowledge about the location of important items that you have on-site, such as first aid kits, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), emergency exits, muster stations, MSDS Binders, and company safety manuals, etc.

To create your own treasure-hunt-style word scramble, first select a meaningful word or phrase, determine the number of letters needed for the word or phrase and then randomly assign and tape each letter on the first aid kits, AEDs, emergency exits, etc., (taping one letter per item).  For example, if your chosen phrase is WORKING SAFE PAYS you’ll need the 15 letters randomly taped to 15 items.  Be sure to let the players know how many of each item they need to locate for the letter clues (for example, 3 first aid kits, 2 AEDs, etc.).  Click here for a sample illustrating how to create your own NAOSH Week word scramble.