WorkplaceNB has issued a warning as a result of some companies using strong and unfounded tactics to pressure people into signing up for WHMIS training.

The warning includes the following statement: ‘WorkSafeNB has learned firms are contacting New Brunswick employers and suggesting that their “employees must be retrained immediately” because of new regulations or changes to WHMIS.  Some representatives state that, if not retrained, employees will no longer have access to workers’ compensation benefits. Others suggest employers may be fined or face jail time.’ The entire warning is available on the WorkplaceNB webpage.

It pays to always use trusted, known safety training providers, such as the NLCSA and its sister organizations within the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations.

NLCSA never calls companies insisting that they do training with them or making threatening statements.  If you are approached by an unknown company, and are in doubt of their credentials, contact WorkplaceNL or the Better Business Bureau.