With the support of Huskey Energy, WHSCC, the NLCSA and others, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) travels across Newfoundland and Labrador delivering eye safety workshops to workers as well as high school, college and university students.

As fall and winter approaches, the CNIB asks “Does everything you have planned include protecting the health and safety of your eyes?” If you have to stop and think about the answer you are not alone.  Research shows 60% of eye injuries are as a direct result of NOT wearing protective eye wear (Source: CNIB leaflet “In the Blink of an Eye”).

CNIB offers 10 ways to keep your eyes healthy and safe.  For more information read  CNIB’s leaflet “In the Blink Blink of an Eye” or contact CNIB’s Vision Health Promotions & Communications Coordinator, Debbie Ryan at 709-754-1180 ext 5811 or by email.