Ever wonder about the initials behind the names of NLCSA’s Safety Advisors?

We have a wealth of credentials among our Safety Advisors including CMgrMCMI, CSO, CRSP, CRM, Safety Eng. Tech., and many more, but what do these acronyms stand for, and what do they mean?

Today we’ll have a look at the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation:

The Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation provides recipients with extensive knowledge and skill into the identification and analysis of risk loss exposures, determining appropriate techniques for each exposure, and monitoring their implementation for effective control. The CRM provides insight into reduction of harmful risk exposures through strategic risk management initiatives. Hannah Canning, one of NLCSA’s Safety Advisors, has recently been awarded the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation through the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) which is recognized by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).