Every year in Newfoundland & Labrador at least one person is killed or seriously injured as a result of a fall from height while working.

In 2014 falls were the second highest cause of lost-time claims in the province’s construction industry*.  Working at heights is a risk – FACT.  But there are ways to reduce and control the risk. 

As of three and a half years ago (i.e., January 1, 2012), all persons required to work at heights of 10 feet or more were (and still are) required to have the two-day Fall Protection training completed by a training provider approved by the Workplace Health and Safety Compensation Commission (WHSCC). Recently the province introduced a new one-day Fall Protection Re-certification course that allows people who have a valid and current two-day Fall Protection certificate the opportunity to do the one-day Re-certification course rather than repeat the full two-day course.

Newfoundland & Labrador has some of the best and most stringent Fall Protection legislation in the country.  It is every worker’s and employer’s responsibility to ensure that work at heights is done in a safe and controlled manor with the appropriate training and fall protection equipment and/or systems.

NLCSA is an approved provider of the two-day Fall Protection course, the one-day Fall Protection Re-certification course and the Competent Inspector of Fall Protection course.

* Source:  Construction Industry Fact Sheet 2014, WHSCC.