Course Descriptions

The same NLCSA courses, delivered in a virtual format.  These sessions have a specified start and end time, and are instructor-led.  All participants must have access to a webcam, speakers, microphone and reliable internet connection.  These courses require the use of a desktop computer or a laptop. They CANNOT be completed using a smart phone or tablet.

Online courses (internet-based) are self-paced and utilize a variety of multimedia elements for instruction. Learning outcomes are verified through individual, online evaluations and certification is available immediately, upon successful completion.

Note: We maintain records of all training completed through the NLCSA, another way that we’re helping employers. Workers can also access all of their training records through the WorkplaceNL Certification Training Registry. The NLCSA also offers demand training, so if you are looking for a course, a specific date or location that’s not on our schedule, call us at 1-888-681-SAFE (7233) or to request a quote.