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Radio Ads

The dangers of texting while working on a construction site

Darlene MP3
Mark MP3

Please drive carefully through road construction

Maggie MP3
Joe MP3

A minute can change everything

Spot 1 - Brian MP3
Spot 2 – Sara MP3
Spot 3 – George MP3
Spot 4 – Steve MP3


Road Safety Awareness Radio Ads Summer 2014

 Orange Vest Safety MP3
Three Simple Acts MP3


CNIB Eye Safety Radio Ads  2016 & 2017

Infectious Disease MP3
Eye Protection MP3
Eye Strain MP3
Welding Flash Burn MP3
Eye Injuries in the Construction Industry MP3
Explore the World MP3
What is Protective Eyewear MP3
Foreign Objects in Eye MP3
Holiday Eye Protection 1 MP3
Holiday Eye Protection 2 MP3


Newfoundland Power Radio Ad  2016

Energized Power Lines MP3