NCSO™ Enrollment Requirements

Applicants must have a minimum of three (3) years of construction field experience prior to acceptance into the NCSO™ program. The applicant’s three years of experience must have occurred within the past ten (10) years. Construction field experience is defined as:

a construction worker (laborer or skilled construction tradesperson) working directly and actively in the construction field (i.e: residential, commercial, industrial, road building, pipeline construction, mobile equipment operations, etc.); or, an individual who is directly and actively engaged in safety (i.e: Site Safety Coordinator) or responsible for the supervision (i.e: Site Superintendent) of the construction worker, who also works directly and actively in the construction field on a full time basis.

Applicants must verify their three years of construction field experience by submitting a detailed résumé that specifically outlines their construction experience and the duties involved within their applicable position(s). In addition, the applicant must submit a copy of their Journeyperson certificate (i.e. Certificate of Qualification) in a construction-related trade and/or a signed reference letter from their current and/or previous employers. The reference letter(s) must declare that they have demonstrated a minimum of three years of direct experience working on a construction site; if the candidate has not been with the same employer for three years consecutively, they must obtain signed letters of reference from their various employers (i.e. the length of the combined relevant experience must total a minimum of three years). At a minimum, each reference letter must be on company letterhead and include the following: employer’s name, name of NCSO™ applicant, position/title held, length of time with the company, a summary of duties performed, and employer’s signature.

NCSO® Application Form
Résumé Template
Reference Letter Template