The deadline to verify PRIME requirements through the Internal or External Audit process is December 31st each year.  In rare circumstances, through no fault of the company, it is not possible for NLCSA to conduct an External Audit before year end.  In such cases NLCSA will request the following information (in addition to the documentation submitted with the Internal Audit) to assist in the verification of the PRIME requirements:

  • Policies signed and dated;
  • ESRTW Program information (For Large PRIME employers)
  • OHS Committee membership and meeting information/dates;
  • Injury Report System; and
  • Proof of training for compliance courses (i.e., First aid, Fall Protection, Confined Space, etc.)

If everything requested is in order, the NLCSA will include the company in the list provided to WorkplaceNL of construction companies eligible for a PRIME refund.  The External Audit will be conducted at the earliest possible occasion in the New Year.  If the External Audit identifies that the company had not, in fact, met all of the PRIME requirements, WorkplaceNL would be notified accordingly.