Construction Safety Stand Down

Construction Safety Stand Down

The 5th annual Construction Safety Stand Down was held on July 5th, 2022. Stay tuned for more information about the 2023 Construction Safety Stand Down!

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A safety stand-down is a voluntary event where employers speak directly to workers about safety.  All workplaces can hold a safety stand-down by taking a break to focus on specific hazards that workers may encounter while working.  This focus on safety allows open communication between management and workers to discuss hazards, controls, and specific company policies and procedures. A safety stand-down is applicable to all industries as everyone faces hazards at their workplace.

A safety stand-down allows workers to stop their task, reassess the job activities and the hazards associated with them, and determine if any changes can be made to improve their health and safety.  It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring everyone works in a safe manner.

Companies participate by taking a break from their work activities and conducting a toolbox meeting, or other safety-related activity aimed at raising awareness about serious injury prevention (SIP) in the workplace.

  1. Start Early.  Designate a date, time, and a person(s) to coordinate the stand-down. It could be July 5th or any other date that week, which suits your needs.
  2. Consider your topic.
  3. Develop the presentation or activity planned. Decide what information you want to convey to your workforce and how it will be communicated. Hands-on activities will increase participation and retention of information.
  4. Promote the stand-down.  Make workers, supervisors, sub-contractors, etc. aware of the stand-down and the purpose. A Safety Stand-Down poster and a companion poster (with a blank section for you to add your own details) are available for free download in the Resource section of our website.
  5. Hold your stand-down.  Try to make it positive and interactive.  Encourage workers to share their experiences and their suggestions for improvements.
  6. Follow-up. Reflect on the discussion from the workforce and consider making changes to your safety program based on their input, if possible.

NLCSA Safety Stand Down Activities

Serious Injury Prevention Podcast

Construction Safety Stand-Down Resources

High Risk Info Sheets

Toolbox Talks

The NLCSA has available a full suite of Toolbox Talks many of which are focused on high-risk activities.

Share Your Story with Us

  • Register your event with the NLCSA and provide feedback about your stand-down.
  • Share your story on social media with the hashtag: #nlstanddown4safety.
Register your company for the 2022 Construction Safety-Stand Down

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