We are pleased to announce a significant change to the Certificate of Recognition (COR)® program that will streamline the process and reduce paperwork and time for our members! Effective immediately, once COR® certified, companies will no longer be required to complete an internal audit in the same year that their external audit is conducted by the NLCSA. 

This amendment, approved by the NLCSA Board of Directors, is designed to enhance the efficiency of the COR® Program and eliminate auditing the same a company twice within a single year. All companies will continue to receive reminders for their audit anniversary date however, if they are in the third year of the audit cycle, correspondence will be issued from the NLCSA that will include the “External Audit Request Form (EARF)” so that all parties can begin the preparation for and scheduling of the external audit.  While the internal audit in the third year is no longer a requirement any company who wishes to complete one for their own due diligence can always utilize the audit instrument found on our website.  The new process is detailed below.

For companies who are new to the COR® Program (Cycle 1), an internal audit must still be submitted prior to scheduling their FIRST external audit.  COR® Certified companies will still complete an internal audit in year 2 and 3 of their current audit cycle.

For further details or clarification please contact our advisory staff at 709-739-7000 or email info@nlcsa.com.