On July 29th, 2022, the Department of Digital Government and Service NL released amendments to the Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, some of which impacted fall protection equipment standards. The changes to Part X (Fall Protection) of the Regulations are summarized below.

The Regulations were amended to:

  • Replace the withdrawn CSA Standard CSA Z259.2.1 “Fall Arresters, Vertical Lifelines, and Rails” with the revised editions: CSA Z259.2.4 “Fall Arresters and Vertical Rigid Rails” and CSA Z259.2.5 “Fall Arresters and Vertical Lifelines”.
  • Include reference to CSA Standard Z259.2.2 “Self Retracting Devices”. Prior to this amendment, this standard was not included in the Regulations.
  • Include reference to CSA Standard Z259.12 “Connecting Components for Person Fall Arrest Systems”. Prior to this amendment, this standard was not included in the Regulations.
  • Change the name of CSA Standard Z259.11 “Energy Absorbers and Lanyards” to CSA Standard Z259.11 “Personal Energy Absorbers and Lanyards”.

These amendments are intended to keep the Regulations in line with the current editions of the CSA Standards and to provide guidance for those that utilize Self Retracting Devices in the Workplace. Although the Regulations have been updated, these standards have been in force and utilized in many workplaces for a considerable amount of time. It is not anticipated that the amendments to the Regulations should incur any hardship, financial or otherwise to employers or workers.

Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette – July 29, 2022