Using a highly precise 1:6 scale model, the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario (ESA) powerfully re-enacts a construction site accident whereby a dump truck strikes overhead wires. In its 31 second ‘Respect the Power at Work’ video, ESA shows construction workers frozen in time at the point of contact.  ESA also provides commentary on five related issues for viewers to consider after watching this short video:

1) Step potential
2) Why the driver is safe if he stays in the truck
3) Limits of approach
4) Danger of heat build up and exploding tires due to rims being energized
5) Risk of fatal electrocution of a construction worker standing too close to the truck

EAS also has a similar short video that re-enacts a power line contact with a ladder at home.

These two short videos and the related commentary are good resources for orientation and/or toolbox talks.

‘Respect the Power at Work’ video