NLCSA helps you communicate vital information to all of your workers through a Health & Safety poster.

It specifies what actions injured workers and employers are required to do in the case of an injury at work, and it lists common emergency contact information.  The poster also provides plenty of space to enter your own company specific OHS information, such as on-site safety personnel, sub-contractors, muster stations, First-Aiders, and OHS Committee members or Worker Health & Safety Representative/Designate.  And, at 32″ wide by 22″ high, the poster even includes space to post your OHS Policy, ESRTW Policy, and minutes from your OHS Committee meetings (where applicable).

These Health & Safety information posters should be posted in clear view at each site.  To order your free Health and Safety information poster(s) simply email us your company name and address and state how many posters you require.