The 5-day Safety for Supervisors Boot Camp is designed to provide supervisors and those wishing to improve their knowledge of health and safety, with the necessary skills for carrying out their legislative responsibilities. Participants will learn practical skills for supervising construction worksites; communicating with workers; recognizing factors that contribute to soft tissue injuries; conducting regular safety inspections; dealing with at-risk workers; conducting hazard assessment; and completing accident/incident investigations.
The Boot Camp will be comprised of a Safety for Supervisors course followed by Incident Investigation and Effective Communication courses. Each session will provide information on various processes and then allow participants to apply this new knowledge in various realistic scenarios as particular components will be work shopped and have various practical exercises.

The first offering of the Safety for Supervisors Bootcamp will be held in Mt. Pearl during the week of  May 25th.  To register, call Arlene at 709-739-7000 or 1-888-681-SAFE or email