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Certificate of Recognition™ Program (COR™)

Certificate of Recognition™ (COR™) Audit Instrument


Certificate of Recognition™ (COR™) Audit Instrument                                                              PDF
Internal Audit Action Plan Template MS Word

COR™ Audit Preparation


COR™ Audit Frequently Requested Documentation & Interviews Required PDF      

COR™ Forms

Authorized Representative Form                                                                                                        MS Word PDF
COR™ Application Form MS Word PDF
Multiple Company Application MS Word PDF
Reciprocity Application Form - Quebec MS Word PDF
Reciprocity Application Form MS Word PDF
Transfer of COR™ Training Form                                                                                                               MS Word PDF


COR™  Sample Safety Manual


The following materials are provided to assist member companies in establishing an Occupational Health and Safety Program.  Companies should review and update materials to reflect their unique operations. The materials provided in this manual are samples, intended to meet the minimum requirements of the OHS Act and Regulations.  Companies may choose to enhance these docments to suit their individual needs.

These materials are also provided as an information source for public use. The NLCSA strives to maintain the integrity of this site and to present information which is accurate and timely. The information is subject to periodic updates, revisions, deletions and additions without prior notice.  The NLCSA is not responsible for errors or omissions contained in the information, and makes no representations as to the accuracy of the information.  The material available on this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be relied on in lieu of professional advice.

Where an official printed document differs from text which may be provided at this site, the official printed document takes precedence.

Commercial use of material contained at this site is prohibited without the express written permission of the NLCSA.


Safety Manual Instructions for Use                                                                                                                                         PDF
Table of Contents                                                                                     MS Word     

Section 1 - OHS Policy and Responsibilities

OHS Policy Statement                                                                                                                                                              MS Word     
Sub-Contractor Policy MS Word
Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities MS Word     
Sub-Contractor Monthly Checklist MS Word

Section 2 - OHS Committee

OHS Committee Terms of Reference   MS Word 
OHS Committee Meeting Agenda MS Word
OHS Committee Self Audit MS Word
WorkplaceNL OHS Committee Meeting Minutes Form - Fillable                                                                          MS Word       

Section 3 - Hazard Assessment

Hazard Assessment Procedure MS Word        
How to Conduct a Comprehensive Hazard Assessment (CHA) MS Word
Comprehensive Hazard Assessment Tool (Severity+Probability+Frequency Risk Ranking)                      MS Word
Pre-Job Hazard Assessment Form (ABC Risk Ranking) MS Word
 Pre-Job Hazard Assessment Form (Severity+Probability+Frequency Risk Ranking) MS Word
Field Level Risk Assessment Description and Form (Sample 1) PDF
Field Level Risk Assessment (Sample 2) PDF
Field Level Risk Assessment Form - Service Contractors MS Word
Personal Task Hazard Assessment  Checklist MS Word
Sample CHA - Painting and Plastering MS Word        
Sample CHA - Excavating, Landscaping and Snow Clearing MS Word

Section 4 - Workplace Inspections

Workplace Inspection Policy                                                                                                                                                  MS Word          
Garage Inspection Checklist MS Word
Inspection Checklist Excel
Worksite Inspection Report Form - Sample 1 MS Word
Worksite Inspection Report Form - Sample 2 MS Word

Section 5 - Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation Policy                                                                                                                                                   MS Word          
Inident Investigation Procedure MS Word
Incident Report Form MS Word
Incident Investigation Form MS Word

Section 6 - Safe Work Practices (SWP)

To access Safe Work Practices, click the link to the right                                                                                             SWP Link           

Section 7 - Safe Job Procedures (SJP)

To access Safe Job Procedures, click the link to the right                                                                                            SJP Link           

Section 8 - Training and Communication

Training and Communication Protocol                                                                                                                             MS Word
Employee OHS Program Orientation Form                                                                                          MS Word
Site-Specific Orientation Form      MS Word       
Employee Training Record MS Word
Employee Training Matrix MS Word
Toolbox Talk Meeting Form MS Word
Training Quick Reference Document MS Word

Section 9 - Rules and Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures                                                                                                                                                           MS Word
General Rules                                                                                         MS Word
Notice of Discipline                                                                                                                                     MS Word       

Section 10 - Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Policy MS Word
Semi-Annual Tool Check                                                                                       MS Word
Forklift Inspection Form   (Sample 1)                                                                                                                                      MS Word       
Forklift Inspection Form (Sample 2) MS Word
Vehicle Inspection Sheet Excel
Equipment Inspection Sheet MS Word
Vehicle Maintenance Record MS Word

Section 11 - Emergency Preparedness

Fire and Emergency Response Procedure                                                                                                                            MS Word        
First Aid Procedure                                                                                      MS Word
First Aid Treatment Record                                                                                                                            MS Word       
Working Alone Procedure MS Word

Section 12 - Records and Statistics

Record Keeping Requirements                                                                                                                                                  MS Word        
Monthly Safety Summary                                                                                     MS Word  
Summary of Lost Time Injuries                                                                                                                          MS Word       

Section 13 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment Policy                                                                                                                               MS Word        
Hearing Conservation Program                                                                                   MS Word  
Respiratory Protection Progarm                                                                                                                        MS Word       
PPE Program Guidance Document MS Word
Info Sheet - Eye and Face Protection MS Word
Info Sheet - Foot Protection MS Word
Info Sheet - Full Body Harness, Lanyard and Life-Lines MS Word
Info Sheet - Head Protection MS Word
Info Sheet - Hearing Protection MS Word
Info Sheet - Limb and Body Protection                                                                                                                            MS Word
Info Sheet - Respiratory Protection MS Word
Equipment Inspection Form - Fall Protection Harness Excel
Equipment Inspection Form - Fall Protection Lanyard MS Word

Section 14 - Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention

Harassment Prevention Plan                                                                                                                                                     MS Word        
Harassment Report Form                                                                                    MS Word  
Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Procedure and Program                                                                          MS Word   
Worksite Violence Risk Identification Form MS Word

Section 15 - Early and Safe Return to Work (ESRTW)


Small/Medium PRIME Assessment Employers

  ESRTW Policy                                                                                                                                                                                  MS Word        
Injury Reporting Procedure                                                                                   MS Word  
ESRTW Definitions                                                                              MS Word       
ESRTW Roles and Responsibilities MS Word


Large PRIME Assessment Employers

  ESRTW Policy                                                                                                                                                                                  MS Word        
ESRTW Definitions                                                                              MS Word       
ESRTW Roles and Responsibilities MS Word
ESRTW Program Planning Protocol MS Word
ESRTW Planning Protocol Appendix A & B (WorkpalceNL Policy RE-18 and RTW Employee Survey) MS Word
ESRTW Program Evaluation Results Form MS Word

Section 16 - Environmental

Environmental Policy                                                                                                                                                                      MS Word